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Scholastic Inc. A choice between love and survival. Lucy's family is excited to spend the summer in Bar Harbor, Maine. Her minister father is pleased to preside over such a prestigious congregation, and his social-climbing wife is ecstatic at the chance to find a rich husband for her daughter.

Yet Lucy wants nothing to do with the Bar Harbor social scene; she's simply excited to spend the summer by the sea, watching the waves from her favorite spot on the cliff. Despite having never gone swimming, Lucy feels an intense connection to the ocean, and meets a handsome ship-builder who shows Lucy a world she's never known, yet somehow always longed for.

However, her mother will stop at nothing to keep Lucy and the ship builder apart, even if it means throwing Lucy into the arms of a wealthy man with a dangerous secret. Can Lucy break free and embrace her destiny as a daughter of the sea? I said yes I didn't know it was a date, LOL He ended up getting an old band member to play for him, and we sat and listened to the band and talked all night. Double date watching Paranormal activity I don't really believe in "dates" and "dating". I believe in serious relationships, and that spending time with one another, even doing practically nothing, doesn't have to be as frivolous as dating is.

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Oh erm Honestly can't answer that! I shall have to ask him to take me on an 'interesting date' now we've been together nearly 21 years!! I don't think one date ever "blew me away. One time I was surprised to be taken to the art gallery to see Monet, went to a nice little restaurant for lunch, and then was taken home to meet parents and friends in ONE shot! Another great date was watching the stars on top of a car in the middle of nowhere.

Another was watching planes take off from a restricted area in the International Toronto Airport Thanks for the giveaway as usual, Jean!! I had a first date when I was in my 20's that was a blind date.

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As soon as we sat down to dinner he was asking if I wanted to get a motel room after we ate! I had literally just met him and this was his dinner conversation!

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LOL - love your question ; Interesting date.. I never really 'dated' a lot. I think one memorable date was when my boyfriend then husband now asked me to meet his parents. It was a scary but fun night. We just love to have fun together! My most interesting date would be with a guy I met on Match.

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We went to a place called The Melting Pot. It was the best food ever!! The atmosphere in the restaurant was so romantic.

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The tables are strategically placed where you have your own privacy and you do not have to worry about other people watching you. We had a 5-course meal. Its fondue style and it was so much fun because you had to cook your own food! This was the most interesting date I ever gone on. Mine are all pretty much the same.

We go out for a walk or go to the movies. Mine was when I met my husband.

Lucy (Daughters of the Sea Series #3)

Our first proper "date" was when he took me with him to milk the cows. It was interesting!! Most interesting was the guy took me to our nearest flight schools parking lot to see the planes take off at night. He knew I loved flying and I thought that was so great of him to do that. Very romantic and relaxing :. I've never been on a date, so that's probably the most interesteresting thing, 'romantic' wise, that's happened to me. Hmmm basketball date? It was a lot of fun though tiring. On the third date with my now husband i made him come help put in my parents new driveway.

It was a good way to see if he was a good worker and wouldn't complain. Hum I dont think ive ever had ainteresting date before, I don't remember any!! When I went out with my husband for the first time a simple dat dinner and a movie but it was magic. At my prom, though it wasn't exactly a date since I came alone. But the guy was 'interesting' and the fact that he came up to me was surprising.

Anyway I'm an international entry. My boyfriend and I got bored in a movie so he decided to drive around to a lot of places I hadn't been before but he loved going to, one was his favourite beach and we ended up climbing rocks and picking shells, my clothes were ruined by the end of it but It was fun :. Sadly, I cannot think of one that was out of the ordinary!! Just regular dinner and movie type of dates! I have never really had many dates and the ones I have been on have been great : Sorry! I met my husband in highschool so I don't have any bad dates, but a real good one was a few months ago when he surprised me with a hot air baloon ride.

Canada's Wonderland Maybe Disney if you count when I was like Under the Sea Blog Hop.

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