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John Hildebrandt, Marie Hildebrandt.

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La Interpretacion De Los Suenos Vol 1 The Interpretation Of Dreams Vol 1 Spanish Edition

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La Interpretacion de los Sueños (Spanish Edition)

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Significado e Interpretación de Sueños (Spanish)

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Spanish Edition By The Blokehead [ Richards [27t. Saia [3XO.

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Translate the description back to Spanish Spain Translate. For many specialists, to really know what it means to dream about snakes, spiders, going barefoot to school While it is true, there is another group capable of interpreting the nightmares and dreams that you have at night, when you are in a waking state, unconscious and vulnerable.

With this book of dreams we seek to find the answer to all those questions that many people raise when they get out of bed with a strange sense of mystery for wanting to know the meaning of what has been happening in her mind while she was asleep. And it is that according to Freud, the interpretation of what we dream is very linked to our habits, daily routines and how our present and future arises. The best? The application has a search engine and is arranged alphabetically, so you can search at any time what it means to dream of X thing.