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If you were asked to think about high density urban living in cities across the world, what would normally come to mind?

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In the city of Dublin, slum living has been well documented. A census undertaken as early as published in by the Rev.

According to World Bank estimates, more than half of the population on this planet and 80 percent of all economic activities are concentrated in the rapidly expanding cities throughout the world. This is expected to increase to 5 billion by By some 60 percent of those living in urban areas will be under 18 years of age.

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While 25 percent of young people are of working age, they account for Rural areas have reached their maximum population and will begin to shrink after , resulting in cities accounting for all future world population growth, which is expected to peak to 10 billion by Davis The economic significance of urbanisation is demonstrated in its contribution to generating GDP. The economic and social benefits of cities lie in the greater opportunities for education, employment, access to health services, access to technology, improved transport systems, economies of scale, etc.

A working paper on the Effects of urbanization on economic growth and human capital formation in Africa shows that countries that have an urban population below 20 percent have the weakest GDP per capita as compared with countries that have over 60 percent.

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A major challenge however is the rate, pace and scale of contemporary urban expansion. Preparing for and addressing the challenges posed by rapid urban expansion is critical to supporting the inevitable process of urbanisation. The world we live in is increasingly influenced and shaped by AI, we share our lives with "intelligent" objects and systems and in various areas we are already handing over certain decisions to machines.

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  • It is crucial to consciously shape this new coexistence between man and machine. The works in the exhibition show not only how more and more aspects of our lives are already controlled by algorithms, but also how algorithmic networks "see" and create the world. The artistic positions illustrate the processes of machine learning and give visitors an insight into automatic cognitive methods. Humans and machines are in constant dialogue and it is vital that we understand the conditions of our coexistence.


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    What role will we play in shaping these new interwoven realities? Life was meant to be lived freely not with full of unrealistic expectations.

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    Whatever you do, wherever you go, there will always be someone who will be unhappy with you. They might have a valid reason for it or might not, but its not something that you should care about. Learn to accept that you cannot make everyone like you, just be yourself, and let the one come into your life who is ready to accept you just the way you are. Moreover being true about your character will make sure that you never have to fake your emotions.

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    Well, it can. When you have money in your pocket, you are good enough to get anything and everything you desire. Kindness is what the world expects from you. If you gift someone a cell phone today, they will forget about it after a couple of months, but, if you help someone in need, they are not going to forget about it for a long time.